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yuki crossYuki Cross

Series: Vampire Knight
Variation: Standard

Construction: N/A
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: FanimeCon 2007
Status: Retired
Conventions: FanimeCon 2007, Anime Expo 2007, FanimeCon 2008, Fremont Holiday Anime Faire 2009, FanimeCon 2010


Why Yuki Cross?

I discovered the manga and then not shortly after, really wanted to cosplay from it. I convinced my sister to be Zero and it went from there. I like to think we were the first Vampire Knight cosplayers at FanimeCon. Especially since everyone thought we were from D. Grayman.

How'd you do it?

I didn't, sadly. :( It was a Christmas gift from my mom.

After thoughts?

I enjoyed this costume greatly and it had a good run. There were lots of fond memories for this costume and I'll never forget them.


Photo Shoots

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Convention Photos

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