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yui hirasakawaYui Hirasakawa

Series: K-ON!
Variation: "Don't Say Lazy" Ending Video

Construction: 2 Weeks
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: FanimeCon 2010
Status: Retired
Conventions: FanimeCon 2010


Why Yui Hirasakawa?

A friend at the time recommended I try cosplaying her. I said I'd watch the show first. I enjoyed the character a lot. She was fun, but an air-head, but really tried her best. I fell in love with the first ending and wanted to do her outfit from the moment I was shown it.

How'd you do it?

I used a very old pattern I found off Ebay and lots of random sundries. I wanted it to be as close to the illustration as I could and ended up messing up on the skirt while rushing to finish in time. I found the beads in the floral section of Joann's surprisingly. I was really strict about the beads being right since they're the most detail the dress has.

The most difficult was making the hair-piece. I wanted it to have the poof that it does in the cartoon, but it was hard to achieve. I'm glad I got it in the end.

After thoughts?

I had fun making it up until the end. I really messed up the bottom of the dress with the black being far too long underneath the white. If I ever find free time and feel like working on an old project, I'd try making this again. However, I did it once and I was satisfied. I have no further interest in dressing up as her again. My only regret is not having more photos. Especially from the first day of the con when my hair was perfect.


Convention Photos

yui con 1 yui con 2 yui con 3 yui con 4


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