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the bride of frankensteinThe Bride

Series: The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Variation: Standard

Construction: 1 day
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: Halloween 2011
Status: Active
Conventions: Comikaze Expo 2012 (?)


Why The Bride?

I won't lie. Last year, I was on a bit of a classic movie monster kick. Tried to get my hands on as many old horror movies as was within my wallet range. And honestly, I was quite enamoured with the bizarre twisted love between the Monster and the Bride. Eliza was enchanting and if you're going to go classic movie monster, you can't not do the Bride.

How'd you do it?

This was...kind of ridiculously easy, although I'd like to touch it up/redo it because it wasn't as loose and flowy as I wanted to accomplish. It didn't help that I ran out of fabric, and then was working on it pretty much the night before I planned to wear it. ^^; Oops. Mainly what I did was cut four rectangle panels out, the front panel being the widest, since I needed enough room to make my armholes fall along with the seam. The three back panels were sewn together on the sides and the four joined in a square-shaped collar at the center. I don't remember exactly how I calculated it, but it worked. I think I just need to take apart the sides to add a few more panels for the looser flowy-ness I desire.

After thoughts?

I need more pictures of it. I was actually pretty proud of managing to get my hair to stand up on end. Not a perfect recreation, but pretty nicely done. I'm debating about bringing it to Comikaze. I have a feeling it might really be a hit. ;)


Photo Shoots

the bride 1 the bride 2 the bride 3 the bride 4 the bride 5

Convention Photos

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