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saya mitsukiSaya Minatsuki

Series: Black Cat
Variation: "Death" Kimono

Construction: 5 Days
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: Anime Expo 2007
Status: Retired
Conventions: Anime Expo 2007, Anime On Display 2008, Anime Expo 2008


Why Saya Minatsuki?

She was fun, smart, sang, and could handle a gun. Sexy. Her role in the series made me love her even more. When my friends wanted to do a cosplay group for AX, I proposed Black Cat, and what fun we had!

How'd you do it?

This was my first kimono to sew...EVER. So, it was a challenge starting out, especially with those sleeves. I did get it though and I was very happy with the final result. I was painting it last minute though, and my friends helped out so I could sleep and be able to drive them safely to the con the next day.

After thoughts?

I want to do this again sometime, but I want to remake it. I now know what paints to use on fabric and I'd like the kimono to look a little better. For my first time, it was pretty good, btu my skills have upped since then. That time just won't be soon.


Convention Photos

saya con 1 saya con 2 saya con 3 saya con 4 saya con 5


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