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Series: Yumekui Kenbun (Nightmare Inspector)
Variation: Standard


Commissioned by: Kate E.
Made: Top


Construction: 3 hours
Difficulty: rating


After thoughts?

A simple costume that was really easy to make. I think the most annoying part was the trim. Because I used a brocade silk for the whole top, I needed the trim to be of the same feel. The fabric was very prone to fraying so it was hard to get it to a point where there weren't loose threads coming out of everywhere. I hand-sewed the loops to close the shirt, but also added hidden eyes and hooks to help keep it closed since the costume only had 4 of the loops which was NOT enough to keep it from opening and exposing bare skin.

If she'll let me, I'd love to go back and add trim to the pants as well to better tie the costume together.


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