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Series: Loveless
Variation: Standard

Construction: 2 Weeks
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: FanimeCon 2006
Status: Retired
Conventions: FanimeCon 2006


Why Natsuo?

My sister introduced me to the series and we decided to do Natsuo and Youji together.

How'd you do it?

I did this in my high school sewing class as a school project. It was my first cosplay to ever make and for my first time, I don't think I did half-bad. I made both mine and my sister's costumes and then we spray-painted our hair. ^^; We were so new to cosplay and making cosplay.

After thoughts?

It was fun and I deeply regret that we have no photos of the costumes at ALL. :( I'd like to remake them one day and do a photo shoot. Just for the hell of it.


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