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mitsuki asahinaMitsuki Asahina

Series: Yumekui Kenbun (Nightmare Inspector)
Variation: Standard

Construction: 2 Weeks
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: FanimeCon 2008
Status: On Standby
Conventions: FanimeCon 2008


Why Mitsuki?

The series has enchanted me for years and I chose Mitsuki because even though she doesn't appear to be the main character, it is her tea house that is central to the whole series. I always admire these kinds of independent shop owners.

How'd you do it?

It was actually a pretty easy make. I only give it 2 stars of difficulty due to the challenges I faced making the apron. The kimono, even with it's strange designs and sleeves, was very fun to make so it turned into an enjoyable hobby versus a last-minute task (even if it was completed last minute)

After thoughts?

I wish I could have finished the costumes that went to the rest of the group we had planned. I wanted to, but my group's effort was very minimal and still leaves a bitter after-taste in my mouth. I would most certainly love to do this with other Yumekui cosplayers, but that may have to wait a long time.


Convention Photos

mitsuki con 1 mitsuki con 2 mitsuki con 3 mitsuki con 4 mitsuki con 5 mitsuki con 6 mitsuki con 7


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