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Series: Pokémon
Variation: Gijinka (Human Form)

Construction: 1 Week
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: Halloween 2010
Status: Active
Conventions: N/A


Why Mightyena?

Mightyena was suggested to me by my boyfriend, kind of. He wanted to do a couples pokémon gijinka with him as Houndoom. My job was to find another dog-like pokémon and I settled on Mightyena.

How'd you do it?

The clothes were store-bought. The wig was found off ebay. Everything else, I made from fur fabric and the aid of Canine Hybrid's YouTube tutorial. I've never quite don't any kind of fur suit project before so this was TONS of fun. I made this costume to wear to work on Halloween because it was MUCH much more tamer than Elvira of my Ariados. The gloves, I got a little lazy on because I was running out of time.

The ears were drafted from my own design. I used another kind of fur and casa satin as the fabric and used a wire frame as my base. I attached the ears to a headband, which I wore under strands of hair from the wig. It hid it pretty well.

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Photo Shoots

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Convention Photos

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