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elviraElvira, Mistress of the Dark

Series: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark™
Variation: Standard

Construction: 20 Hours
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: Halloween 2010, FanimeCon 2011
Status: Active
Conventions: FanimeCon 2011, Comikaze Expo 2011, FanimeCon 2012, Comikaze Expo 2012


Why Elvira?

The iconic Mistress of the Dark, Queen of Halloween...are you really wondering why? She's Elvira! My mom grew up watching her on the boob-tube in her youth and raised all her daughters to love this sexy vixen. She's pretty much an idol in my house. Besides, for my personal assets that usually get in the way of properly pulling off desired cosplay, this was a perfect costume to use what I've got.

How'd you do it?

Most of this costume was actually bought. I found an official high-quality Elvira costume at Natasha's Attic that had been mis-packaged in a cheaper version of the costume. The wig and jewelry was bought off Elvira's web site and I found the shoes on ebay.

I had to alter the dress by sewing the bra into the dress and making the slit even higher. On me, with my lack of long legs, the slit only went halfway up my calf. I also added the finishing touches of the tatters and holes. That part in particular made me so nervous since I was worried about ruining the dress to an un repairable point (didn't feel like buying another $60 dress because of a flub).

After thoughts?

My personality completely changes while wearing this costume. It really does. Not only do I feel sexy inside, I act it too. She really is so much fun to wear and the response is AMAZING. I can't wait to wear her to more cons.


Photo Shoots

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Convention Photos

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