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Series: Pandora Hearts
Variation: Standard

Construction: 2 Weeks
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: SakuraCon 2009
Status: Retired
Conventions: SakuraCon 2009, FanimeCon 2009, YaoiCon 2009, Animation On Display 2010, SakuraCon 2010, FanimeCon 2010


Why Echo?

I have no idea, but I was drawn to this character from the beginning. She had a cute design, but was very mature for her appearance. Plus it seemed like a super fun costume to try and pull off. I think it's very unique.

How'd you do it?

I took lots of time with this costume, not wanting to rush it at the last minute. It was a combination of difference pieces, fabrics, ribbons, trials and errors, and lots of new techniques. I think I pulled it off rather well in the end.

After thoughts?

Echo is fun just because it's a detailed costume but simple at the same time. Unfortunately I destroyed her boots to help out my sister with one of her cosplay so for the time being, this costume is retired.

Photo Shoots

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Convention Photos

eho con 1 eho con 2 eho con 3


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