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Series: Heroic Age
Variation: Informal Dress

Construction: 4 Days
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: SakuraCon 2009
Status: Retired
Conventions: SakuraCon 2009


Why Deanaria?

I volunteered to work with FUNimation at their booth as a cosplayer. They were promoting the series Heroic Age and I volunteered to be Deanaria.

How'd you do it?

With lots of annoyance. I didn't really know much about the series and I wasn't too impassive by the character designs so more than anything, it was very difficult to get motivated to work on this. I waited until the last minute and unfortunately, this costume required more than a rush job. I used lycra and puffy paint for the costume. I also got a lot of help from SomewhatStrechy.com for making the body suit. If I didn't find this site, I think I would have been very lost.

After thoughts?

It was a super fun experience that I wouldn't mind doing again. The people I got to hang out with were amazing. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the costume. I feel I could do better and kind of want to make it again, but at the same time, I'm rather done with the costume and have no desire to wear it again.


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