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chrome dokuroChrome Dokuro

Series: Katekyoushi Hitman REBORN!
Variation: Standard

Construction: 1 Week
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: Animation On Display 2009
Status: Retired
Conventions: Animation On Display 2009, FanimeCon 2009


Why Chrome Dokuro?

My sister and I got really into this series at this time and I loved Chrome and her timid ness.

How'd you do it?

I used a weird fabric for this costume. I know that know. This costume actually had an interesting construction process. I used it to teach others how to sew. Which was really entertaining. It didn't come out too bad, but it did need a lot more work than I dedicated myself to.

After thoughts?

Fun for a couple times, but I phased out of that stage rather quickly and this costume quickly moved to the back of my closet.


Photo Shoots

chrome 1 chrome 2 chrome 3 chrome 4 chrome 5 chrome 6

Convention Photos

chrome con 1 chrome con 2 chrome con 3 chrome con 4 chrome con 5 chrome con 6


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