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alexia tarabottiAlexia Tarabotti

Series: Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger
Variation: Soulless vol. 1 cover

Construction: 2 weeks
Difficulty: rating

Premiered: FanimeCon 2012
Status: Active
Conventions: FanimeCon 2012, Gail Carriger Event @ Sunnyvale Public Library June 2012


Why Alexia Tarabotti?

An excuse to make a period-piece costume? I loved the character's personality, her attitude, and let's face it, her wardrobe. Making a period costume has been on my list of costumes to conquer and I actually got into this series thanks to the cover of the manga, even if I prefer the novel.

How'd you do it?

Thanks to the reference image (the only image in existance of the dress I sewed), I actually got to take a lot of liberties with making the dress. Thanks to the wolf, she's hugging, what the dress looks like fully is impossible. So instead, I did a lot of research in victorian fashion, and determined the details from that. Thanks to the amazing Truly Victorian, I was able to get hold of patterns that are based on actual sewing patterns of the era. This dress honestly wasn't difficult, I'm proud to report. I think we are too often intimidated by period costumes due to the simple fact that we think they will be much more challenging, but it really wasn't. This costume gets 3 stars just for the time needed in finding the fabric and putting it together in a way that would make myself happy.

After thoughts?

I think the most exciting part of this whole costume was that it has been recognized and posted on the blog of the novel's author several times. I have also gotten to wear it and meet her, which was super exciting to me. And she wanted a picture. XD How is that not awesome?


Photo Shoots

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Convention Photos

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