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meAbout Me, The Ladydragon Queen

The Typical Stuff
Name: Chelsea
Nickname: Ladydragon Queen, bearmoon, bear
Birthday: April 11th, 1988
Height: 4' 11"

Location: Fremont, CA
Occupation: Instructional Aide | Web Designer/Maintainer

Relationship Status: Engaged

Cosplaying Since: FanimeCon 2005
Costumes Made: 30
Costumes Bought: 3
Favorite Convention: SakuraCon 2009 | Comikaze Expo 2011

What is your favorite costume and why?

This changes depending on what is active in my closet. I love each and every one of the costumes I make so it's hard to say I have an ultimate favorite. I would have to say that at this moment, it is a tie with my Elvira and Cleo de Nile cosplay. I can't wait to wear them to new events since I just premiered them in May 2011.

What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?

I'd have to say that was getting interviewed by Vampy Bit Me at FanimeCon 2011. It was an absolutely one-of-a-kind experience that I still talk about. Check out extras to know exactly what I'm talking about. ;)

Have you had any masquerade or cosplay contest experience?

I won runner up in best costume construction at Animation On Display 08's Masquerade. AOD has been my only experience so far, but I'm looking forward to more.

Why the "Old Movie Theater" Theme for your layout?

When you think of old movies, what's the first kind of film you think of? For me, it's the old horror films. Halloween has always been a big celebration in my family. Our house is decorated inside and out. Every room has a theme and Halloween-like music is playing in our home and our cars from October 1st to October 31st. My mom has always been a Halloween lover. She introduced my sisters and I to Elvira, something she grew up with in LA when she was younger. Our love of Elvira was sparked and has only grown. Last year Idecided that I wanted to cosplay as the Queen of Macabre after introducing my fiance to my family's idol. This costume has really been a blast to wear at every event I've had the pleasure of wearing it to. I decded that when I redesigned my cosplay website, it would incorperate the Elvira cosplay, and so, I thought that having a movie theater theme with an old movie film color scheme would be perfect!

I want to know more! Can I contact you?

Please do! You can always email me (bearmoon @ dragonempress . net). That's the quickest and fastest way to reach me and I usually respond to my emails within 2 days.


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